University of Healthy Youth


The ACET program for youth, their parents and teachers is an alternative education in the fields of physical, mental and spiritual health

University of Healthy Youth

12 years of successful effective practical work with teenagers, parents and teachers.

University of Healthy Youth


University of Healthy Youth

The main topics of training of the course “University of healthy youth” (training course for secondary schools, lyceums, colleges, universities)

program approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine (link to the document)



  1. Prevention of bad habits (prevention of smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs)
  2. HIV / AIDS prevention
  3. Prevention of early sexual intercourse and unwanted pregnancy
  4. Basics of Internet security
  5. Fundamentals of building healthy relationships in the family (promoting the values ​​of a healthy family)


  1. Prevention of suicidal behavior
  2. Prevention of profanity and aggression
  3. Adopting a tolerant attitude towards HIV-positive people (combating stigma and discrimination)
  4. Prevention of depressive behavior (motivation to dream and achieve goals)
  5. Prevention of violence in the youth environment
  6. Basics of adolescent reproductive health (separate topics for girls and boys)
  7. Prevention of risky behavior in the youth environment
University of Healthy Youth


  1. “The art of loving” (prevention of child abuse) – 2 options: training or lecture.
  2. The main psychological features of adolescents
  3. Ways to Overcome Teen Aggression “From Aggression to Peacefulness”
  4. Prevention of suicidal behavior of adolescents “Life in Positive”
  5. Sexual education of adolescents.
  6. Prevention of the main negative phenomena in the youth environment
University of Healthy Youth


  1. Basics of effective work with teens. Presentation of the Healthy Youth University course
  2. “The Art of Love” (prevention of child abuse)
  3. “The main psychological features of adolescents
  4. Prevention of teenagers’ aggressive behavior, part one “From aggression to peacefulness”
  5. Prevention of teenagers’ aggressive behavior, part one “From aggression to peacefulness” 
  6. Prevention of suicidal behavior of adolescents “Life in Positive”
University of Healthy Youth
University of Healthy Youth
University of Healthy Youth
University of Healthy Youth


The trainings gave me a glimpse of a new life. Another life, about which I had not heard before. For a long time I was very shy about my parents. They at me usual rural people. But after listening to the “Happy Family” training I could not help crying and not changing my attitude towards them. I realized that parents are the most precious people in my life, and whatever they are, they will always remain a part of me. Today I respect them and I’m proud of who they are. After all, for me they always give the best! I love them the most.

Anna, 8th form pupil, Kyiv region

University of Healthy Youth


University of Healthy Youth

Immediately after the training for the parents from the “ASET” UBE I came home and asked that all members of my family listen to important information that I heard at the training that day. I gave my family everything I heard and remembered. I paid special attention to my husband and said that it is very important that he go along with me for the next training. After this conversation, relations in our family have changed for the better. Father began to pay attention to his daughter and “communicate” with her language of love “touch” (he had previously paid more attention to his younger son). He started kissing his daughter, telling her good words, after which she, in turn, began to reveal herself, feel more confident in herself and feel herself accepted and loved.

Elena Vladimirovna, mother


I work as a teacher of the subject “Fundamentals of Health”. During the entire 2014-2015 academic year, the pupils of the 8th grade were participants in the course “University of Healthy Youth” from the organization “ACET”. These trainings are very interesting and useful lessons of life. In the classroom, students listen, work in pairs and groups. All information is taken from life and interesting for a modern teenager. Children actively participate, discuss life situations, give answers to various questions and leave their comments. I, as a class teacher and teacher, it is very interesting to observe the work of students, listen to their opinions. At such lessons the students become more relaxed and do not hesitate to express their thoughts and impressions. Every time they wonder what the next topic will be. I believe that such trainings are very useful for modern adolescents.

Lyudmila Vladimirovna, teacher

Людмила Володимирівна, вчитель

University of Healthy Youth

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