“Happy and healthy from A to Z”


“Happy and Healthy A to Z” is a training course for parents of young school children.

“Happy and healthy from A to Z”

The project started in 4 cities of Ukraine in the 19-20 academic year at the numerous requests of parents.

“Happy and healthy from A to Z”

Parents often do not know how to build a trusting relationship with their children. Due to the economic situation in the country, parents do not have the time or energy to deal with their children: parents are busy making money to provide their child with shelter, food and clothing.

Therefore, the course is needed to support young parents and help them find inspiration and strength to improve their relationships with their children.

A list of training activities for outreach

course for parents of primary school students

“Happy and healthy from A to Z”

1. “The art of loving” (the basics of building trusting and loving relationships between parents and children).

2. Safe Childhood (prevention of child abuse (physical, emotional, economic and sexual), including cyberbullying).

3. Sexual education of a young school-age child.

4. “Happy parents are happy children” (basics of happy parenting).

Duration of one lesson – from 45 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Video, training assignments, etc. are used during the classes.

“Happy and healthy from A to Z”